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DANZIG Counseling Servicesservices

DANZIG Counseling Services offers personalized therapy to people of all ages and lifestyles in an individual, couples, or family setting. As a state-licensed outpatient mental health counseling agency and an outpatient alcohol & drug treatment program, we stay current with the latest research in the fields of mental health and addiction.

Having these two specialties allows us to draw upon our extensive knowledge and experience of multiple treatment philosophies to ensure a holistic, comprehensive approach to therapy. Every person, couple, or family has their own unique story so the specific techniques we choose are custom tailored to best fit the individual needs of each client.

Our therapists are skilled in traditional talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, mindful meditation and relaxation therapy, and alcohol & drug interventions. We are also certified in various alternative therapies including Reiki energy therapy, past life regression therapy, and “Deep Memory Processing”.

Alcohol & Drug Treatment

Genetic, social, and psychological factors all contribute to a person developing an alcohol or substance abuse problem. Consequently, alcohol and drug dependence do not discriminate – men, women, and children from every part of the country and from every type of background are just as equally susceptible to developing an abuse or dependence problem.


We all know someone who is struggling with problems caused by alcohol and/or drug use. At one time there was a belief that people could not be helped unless they “hit bottom” but that has changed. Interventions have shown that an individual confronted in such a way may finally be willing to seek treatment without having to “hit their bottom” first. Interventions also help to heal the user’s loved ones who participate in them.

Mental Health Counseling

There are times when we all need some extra guidance. Sometimes we just need help processing a problem, alleviating stress, or finding work/life balance. Sometimes we need help to change an unhelpful pattern of behavior in ourselves or in a relationship. Sometimes we need a safe place to talk about our grief, our fears, our disappointments, or our pain. Sometimes we need help healing from post traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, or another clinical disorder. Sometimes we need encouragement to seek our truth and manifest our hopes for the future.

Alternative Therapy

Alternative therapies are often derived from ancient wisdom and healing practices. They are traditions that acknowledge the interconnectedness of our lives with each other, the earth, and nonphysical realities. Alternative therapies seek to assist the mind and body in releasing stored energies and memories that are negatively affecting you. These therapies can either be used to complement and enhance a person’s traditional treatment plan or they can be experienced as a stand-alone treatment.


DANZIG Counseling Services was founded to help people fulfill their aspirations for personal growth and development. In being true to our mission, in addition to offering counseling and consultation services to clientele, we also offer guest speaking services to schools and organizations as well as opportunities for continuing education to other practitioners.

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